What can I do for you?

Writing, editing & more.


Do you need a contributing writer for your publication? I have a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University's School of Journalism & Media Studies. Not only that, but I have real-world experience in science communication, advertising news, branding, lifestyle, travel, opinions, and personal memoirs. For more, check out my previous work.


Writing is tough. It helps to have a second set of eyes to look at your work and give you guidance. And it helps if those eyes are more than just automated software. I'll read your work, make grammatical, spelling, and readability changes, and give you feedback so you can learn along the way. I'll help you with anything from your CV right through to your short stories and important emails.

Copywriting for your business

I believe in the power of words and a unique voice. In a noisy world, that is what will set your business apart from the clutter. I'll help you find a unique voice for your business, and I'll help you bring it to life. Whether its advertising, website or blog copy, press releases or news letters, I'm happy to take a crack at it. Do you have already-written copy you want me to look at? Send it my way. Got nothing? That's okay too! Let's chat and figure this thing out together.


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