Journalism experience

My experience with journalism began in 2016. My first-ever published work (apart from work published in my school's annual magazine), was published in the Sunday Times newspaper. Since then I have written everything from holiday anecdotes, to book reviews, opinions, and profiles for a range of publications.

In 2019 I began to explore writing about the advertising and PR industry through my work for


Louise Johnston on creativity, career paths & people - March 2o20

Van der Haar on change, creativity & transformation - October 2019

Industry news

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most-admired PR agency - January 2020

The Sunday Times

Since 2016 I have written a number of pieces for the Sunday Times, ranging from book reviews, to features, and even travel pieces.


How do I get from Moscow to St Petersburg?- January 2018

I'm in a wheelchair. What are my best choices for an overseas holiday?- December 2017

When holiday photo ops cause strops- November 2017

No warm feelings for Barrow, Alaska- October 2017

Grahamstown: tips from a local - February 2017

An epic battle for survival on ice - July 2016

Book reviews

Book review: Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore- January 2018

Book review: 100 Nasty Women of History- January 2018


3 apps that will have you training like a champ- August 2017

Are you as healthy as you think you are?- July 2017

Successful student-run biotechnology empire creates jobs- January 2018


Are you brave enough to tackle the gruelling Joberg2c bike race?- May 2019

7 ways you can make a difference in the fight against plastic waste- August 2018

Science students turned business owners creative cocktails a treat for event organisers- January 2018

7 ways to take the sting out of going back to work after the holidays- January 2018

Young survivor & entrepreneur helps others despite her health condition- January 2018

Successful student-run biotechnology empire creates jobs- January 2018

5 truths about university life- December 2017

Everyone knew them - but who really were this mom and child? - November 2016

Love you, Moms - July 2016


Apartheid of the Algorithm - February 2017

Why some people call their kids Moon Unit - January 2017

Bite-sized Sci

In 2019 I devoted my writing primarily to my popular science website, Bite-sized Sci. Having majored in Zoology and Journalism I came to realise just how great the gap in understanding between science and its day-to-day relevance is. I created Bite-sized Sci to make the science that affects us and our planet every day more accessible to people who haven't studied science.

Through Bite-sized Sci I was able to push my writing abilities and explore everything from quick listicles to literary journalism and in-depth features, all while trying to make the science as easy to grasp as possible.

As my career has kicked off I've had to leave Bite-sized Sci behind, but I mention is here as a testament to the writing and the growth it afforded me.


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