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Jessica Evans, writer

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About me

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a writer. Beyond that, I'm a story teller. I believe in the power of stories and in the power of words in bringing them to life. 


I revel at the thought of what words and stories can do for people, businesses, and communities, so I've made it a mission of mine to share my skills, with a view to spreading my respect for the written word.


Do you have something you're working on? I'm excited to work on it with you!


"Jessica has a natural talent for writing, research and analysis. Her foray into copywriting adds another layer to her skills. With the tenacity to take her content production into digital platforms, she has skilled herself in the few short years that I have known her, to provide an all-round dynamic offering."

Shanthini Naidoo, Content Expert at Discovery Limited & former writer at the Sunday Times

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